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BPE - Interview Desideria Stockton

Beth-Ritter Guth (SL: Desideria Stockton), co-chair of the SL Best Practices in Education 2007 conference and English instructor at Lehigh Carbon Community College, gives a brief interview to discuss attendance and how and why the idea of a virtual conference for real world educators began.

BPE - Fleep Tuque

Chris Collins (SL: Fleep Tuque), co-chair of the SL Best Practices in Education 2007 conference and IT Analyst at the University of Cincinnati - "An observational survey of educational institutions in the virtual world of Second Life".

Chris delivers a preliminary report on an observational study of 170 educational institutions with a group or land presence in Second Life as of May 2007. The study focuses on features of the virtual campuses and how land space is being used in Second Life. The study was co-authored by Dr. Nancy Jennings (SL: Sweetpea Sunnyside), also of University of Cincinnati, who could not be present at SLBPE.

BPE - Intellagirl Tully

Sarah Robbins (SL: Intellagirl Tully), co-author of the forthcoming "Second Life for Dummies" book - "Engagement in Second Life Learning".

Sarah discusses the problem with student engagement in higher education and how educators might use virtual worlds like Second Life to recapture students' attention both in and out of the classroom.

BPE - Kenny Hubble

Ken Hudson (SL: Kenny Hubble), Loyalist College - "Loyalist College in Second Life".

Ken traces his first stumbling steps as a newbie through his experience taking a Harvard law class in-world, and talks about how he developed a program in Second Life that has had a transformative effect on students and faculty at his real world institution.

BPE - Pirate Shipman

Bill Mosely (SL: Pirate Shipman), Professor of Computer Studies at Bakersfield College and Adjunct Faculty at Pepperdine University - "The Big Picture of Education in Second Life".

Bill presents a case study from the Masters in Educational Technology Program at Pepperdine, and discusses the outcomes from his use of Second Life as a supplement in the course. He also asks the question, "How should we teach in a virtual world?" (Narrated by Starr Sonic of

BPE - Globalkids Bixby

Barry Joseph (Globalkids Bixby-SL), Director of Global Kids' Online Leadership Program - "(Educator's) History of the Teen Grid - A Global Kids Choose-Your-Own-Best-Practices Adventure".

Barry delivers a brief history of the Global Kids program on the Teen Grid in Second Life, and demonstrates a tool they developed to incorporate audience participation into Second Life presentations.

BPE - Virtual Bacon

John Jamison (Virtual Bacon-SL), Director, Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning at Colorado Mountain College - "Two Years of Introducing Educators to Second Life in 60 Minutes, or: Tips for Dinosaur Wrangling".

John discusses the obstacles to introducing Second Life to faculty, administrators, and even IT staff, and gives tips for those who are looking to build support for SL projects on their campus.

BPE - Decka Mah

Lindy McKeown (Deckah Mah SL), Digital Strategy Project Officer for the University of Southern Queensland - "Action Learning in Second Life".

Lindy explains the pedagogy of Action Learning and discusses its potential impact in 3D online environments. The focus is on doing, experiencing, and reflecting on the material, and using virtual worlds as a place to bridge the knowing-doing gap. (Narrated by Starr Sonic of

BPE - Kathy Dryburgh

Kathy Schrock (Kathy Dryburgh-SL), Administrator for Technology for the Nauset Public Schools - "Guide to SL for K-12 Educators" - Kathy takes the audience on a tour of sites in Second Life that demonstrate innovative teaching and learning practices and sites for professional development for K-12 educators. (Narrated by Starr Sonic of