Pop Vox feat. MommaLuv Skytower

Monday December the 7th 2:00-3:30 PM SLT at Pop Art Lab

We are glad to announce our next Pop Vox TV show is close.

MommaLuv Skytower recently decided to turn her real life career as musician fully into a 3D character. Her music is a rare blend of rock, electro and hip hop. The lyrics is political taking inspiration from the spoken word scene.

Designing Worlds: The Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum

This time we have a particularly visual show for you, that will surely pique the interest of anyone with an eye for architecture and design, in-world or out, as we visit Second Life's Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum, in the region of Usonia.

LaurenLive&Treet.TV-Tuesday 4:30pmSLT

Tonight is the first night the show will be broadcast from Tropical Treet. Please arrive about 4:20pm (showtime 4:30pm)SLT. In order to find Lauren's Place you will need a compass. When landing in the welcome area open your map and look to the southern most point on Tropical Treet (sim).

5 Years of Giant Snail Racing!

It's amazing and mind boggling to realize that a weekly Second Life event has been held EVERY Saturday for FIVE YEARS. RacerX Gullwing's wacky crazy silly brand of fun started on Thanksgiving weekend 2004 and is now an 'institution'. Showing the races on Treet TV has reached the 110th episode - a mere 2 years or so.

Designing Worlds: Virtual Thanksgiving

A very attractive-looking show this week as we visit renowned magazine photographer and Exposure Art Gallery owner PJ Trenton at his beautiful Italianate villa for a sumptuous Thanksgiving Dinner with friends.

Enjoy a virtual Thanksgiving Dinner with Designing Worlds!

Join us at 2pm Tuesday as Designing Worlds enjoys an early Thanksgiving Dinner - and explores the wonderful world of Second Life food at the beautiful home of PJ Trenton. We look at the business of cooking, eating ... and even running a Second Life restaurant!


I decided to post my latest blog (link at here. Why? Because it was created from an email Treet.TV trail.

Now I guess this doesn't happen to you but it sure blonds' me out. Last week there was an email about embedding Treet.TV video onto your web page. There had been technical problems with the embedding code or something.

Vampires Are In

Emerian Rich was writing vampire fiction before it became popular, and finally the world has caught up. Come along to meet her with me as I interview here and invite her to read from her novel 'Night's Knights'.

Designing Worlds: The Beauty of Steelhead Shanghai

This week's Designing Worlds came from the visually spectacular region of Steelhead Shanghai. We interviewed the owners, TotalLunar Eclipse and Tensai Hilra, and also chatted to Dragonlands proprietor Elegia Underwood.

Episode 73 - The Alpha Male Episode

The Alpha Fox started on his motorized bike zooming over the earth on the high speed death ramp whilst the Wolfman debuted a new look. The panel brought their A game and we had an amazingly close race to the finish line as they jockeyed for position. That’s what you get when you play with the Alpha Dogs. And they played to WIN!