BlogHer Conference in SL

BlogHer in SL - Second Life, Real Business-Brilliant or Bust?

Moderated by Brander Heron the panel of SL business experts included jeanette Ciscosystems, ZnetLady Isbell, Patty Streeter, and blogger and SL small business owner of Sanctuary Rocks, Daisy Beauchamp.

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BlogHer in SL - Candidates in SL-Good, Bad, Indifferent?

Sairy Bailey and Padlurowncanoe Dibou answer questions and talk about the issues unique to Second Life and high-profile political campaigns. Sairy pioneered Internet Strategy for former Senator Gary Hart and Padlurowncanoe founded Hilliary 08 in Second Life.

BlogHer in SL - Covering a Virtual World

Khadijah Burali moderates the discussion with the movers and shakers in Second Life media. SLNN's Cybergrrl Oh, Starr Sonic of SLCN.TV, and 57 Miles of

BlogHer in SL - Combining Blogging and Second Life

Discussion moderated by BlogHer in Second Life hostess Queen Tureaud. Queen is joined by panelists Vint Falken , TheDiva Rockin and Koz Farina, creator of the second life blogHUD.