Real Biz in SL

Real Biz in SL - IBM Green Data Center

Cybergrrl returns to IBM and gets a tour of the new Green Data Center and learns about cool floors and cables

Real Biz in SL - University of Cincinnati

Watch RealBiz host Cybergrrl Oh tour the Univ. of Cincinnati build with Chris Collins (Fleep Tuque in SL), Project Manager, UC Second Life Project, and see what they are learning with the Galapagos Project in Second Life

Real Biz in SL - 7 Days Magic Bakery

Watch this episode with host Cybergrrl Oh as she gets a tour of the 7 Days Magic Bakery sweet spot with Drew Stein, CEO/Digital Strategy Guru at Involve, Inc.

Real Biz in SL - Pop Art Lab

Watch Cybergrrl Oh take a tour of Pop Art Lab with Claus Frisenberg Povlsen, a Music Editor for a secret Danish media company

Real Biz in SL - World Bank

Cybergrrl Oh finds out what The World Bank Group is doing in Second Life from Dahlia Khalifa, Senior Private Sector Development Specialist

Real Biz in SL - Sigma-Aldrich

Watch Sandy Adam of Sigma-Aldrich give a tour of the sparkling new Second Life home for the chemical corporation.

Real Biz in SL - MadPea & Orange Island

Watch cybergrrl get a tour of the great creative game spaces created by MadPea on Orange Island in Second Life as she talks to Fab Outlander about their business strategy

Real Biz in SL - Virtual Job Candy

Watch as host Cybergrrl Oh is given a tour of Virtual Job Candy sim with Lisa Peyton and Brian Regan then stay tuned when Brian is put in the Real Biz hot seat

Real Biz in SL -

Take a tour of the Second Life projects run by Patty Streeter, CEO/President of Ask and Member of the Board of Directors of

Real Biz in SL - Gibson Island

Check out the COOLEST spot on the grid with host Cybergrrl Oh as she talks to Cypress Rosewood about Gibson Island, the SL home of Gibson Guitar Corp